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A credit score is a complex calculation made up of intricate, dynamic pieces, transactions and numbers. Correctly reading a credit report can be a difficult task for many. Bluestar has blended unique experience, dedicated passion and comprehensive research to identify credit struggles and recommendations. Sometimes, improving your credit score can be as simple as moving money around or paying off a loan. However, you may find you need a credit advocate to consult with on long-term credit advancing.

We are here to recover your financial situation and assist you in making progress!

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To assist you at the beginning of your credit journey, Bluestar provides a FREE credit analysis.

Your credit analysis will include a complex score projection, timeframe and recommendations for improvement.

This provides a starting point for you if you’re beginning to get invested in your credit.


Bluestar works with multiple US lenders – both large and small.

If you’re a lender and one of your clients is having a difficult time with lending approval, Bluestar can help identify the pain points and provide recommendations for necessary approval.

Our goal is to help you seal the deal and to improve your client’s score to assist them with their business loan or mortgage application.

If you’re a consumer that is having a difficult time being approved for a loan, mortgage or line of credit, then our Personal Credit Consulting is the best package for you.

We carefully analyze your unique credit report, identify pain points and provide recommendations for improving your score.

We have had many clients come to us disheartened. We understand that credit usually takes a hit due to life-altering, difficult circumstances.

We have developed a plan that can assist in improving your credit with the helping hand of Bluestar.

We are invested in your unique circumstances, story and goals. Together, we put the pieces back together to shine a light on your financial future.

Do you have to make minor adjustments that will make a significant impact?

If you’re a business owner, and you aren’t sure how to allot funds or resources so the bank or lender will favour you, we can help.

We provide a sophisticated strategy for business owners who are looking to maximize their credit score.

Why Choose Us?

We create a robust sub-pipeline to prepare your borrowers for financing

We Help You Build Your Loan Business!

Steps To Getting Your Borrower Approved

We Listen

Tell us about your credit scenario, your goals and the loan at hand.

Expert Analysis

We provide a full analysis to help isolate the setbacks for your borrower’s credit report. We provide you and your borrower with expert insight on healing the credit score.


Your borrower enrolls with us so we can prepare them for funding with your company. Our process involves full transparency! We provide you with complimentary updates and give you and your borrower access to their own custom interface.

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We work alongside national and international organizations dedicated to sustainable development.


We work alongside national and international organizations dedicated to sustainable development.


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